The Old Town of Vilnius

Vilnius Old Town is right on the right shore of the Neris River. It is unique and famous for old narrow streets, courtyards, a wide range of different kinds of cafes, bars, galleries and various shops. Old Town is one of the largest urban complexes in Eastern Europe. UNESCO protected Vilnius Old Town. Historic Town Hall can be reached within 7 minutes walk from the guest house “Vivulskio apartments”.

Guest house „Vivulskio Apartments“ recommends you special, interesting and undiscovered Old Town places that are worth to see on your vacation in Vilnius.

Want to relax (after a hard work day)? Vilnius JERUZALE SCULPTURE GARDEN will surely help to do it! Located in the open space between the Mokyklos and Lobio streets, established and now maintained by sculptors Vladas and Kunotas Vildžiūnas, and Mindaugas Navakas for more than a quarter century. Nowadays there are many stulptures made by more than 50 lithuanian stulptors in the park.


Suggestion for art lovers – UZUPIS ART INCUBATOR, one of the first in Europe. Unique structure - the central part of the Republic of Uzupis is famous for a constant social and artistical integration and incubation. Read more

We suggest you a walk in the Vilnius center among Gediminas castle, Vilnelė and Bernardinai monastery located in Bernardinai garden.

You will admire PUCKORIU ATODANGA, which is famous not only for its beautiful and breath taking nature, but historic heritage too. You will admire the river Neris and if you like, you can travel down the river . This glacial period escarpment in one of the highest in Lithuania, the height is 65 m and width - 260 meters, and it has more than 20 thousand. year-old layers. This escarpment was announced an archeological monument in 1974 .

We invite you to take a look at cotacombs: ANTAKALNIS HILLS HIDE fortifications tunnels, which are less than one hundred years. Between the first and second world wars, the tunnels and warehouses were built and equipped with ammunition. Nowadays thousands of bats settle there in winter time.

Don't miss the chance to visit St. Kazimieras church if you fancy Barocco period.

Cant resist the art? Then the largest CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER in the Baltic countries is waiting for you! International art movement, new art projects, international exhibitions from many different and far way countries, such as South America, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are being shown constantly in this “art harbour”. Read more

We recommend a walk through a variety of geomorphological formations that appeared in the Ice age - ridges, peaks, ozus, glens. PAVILNIAI PARK has more than 15 seats that give you a beautiful regional park landscape and Vilnius view.

Love the nature? Enjoy riding bikes or skates? VINGIS PARK is waiting just for you!

We suggest you to run away from Vilnius Old Town and spend some time in BELMONTAS. You will find unique buildings and their ruins that were carefully preserved and restored. Nowadays they are designed not to stand out from old mill buildings and space structures. A lond and complex footpath is built in the park and it takes more than 1 km distance where you find vantage points, different forms of arbours, amphitheater, flowers, fountains and many other attractive landscaping and architectural elements. Reqd more

Love romance and tranquility? It can be found at Vilnius University Botanical Garden! Read more

We offer you a walk through the GAON, STIKLIAI, JEW streets. At Second World War there were short and so-called Little Jewish ghetto, where lived about 11-12 people- mostly intellectuals, labourers and unemployed persons.

Would you like to be in the highest buildings in Eastern Europe? Its height is 326.5 metres? Then do not miss the chance to visit TELEVISION TOWER! Read more

We recommend to find out more about the morphology of amber, which is revealed by varying size, shape and color. Inclusions exhibition is a unique collection of treasures of Juodkrante reconstruction. Visitors will also get acquainted with the firing pottery shop and authentic products that were fount in fifteen century in museum basement. VILNIUS AMBER MUSEUM IS WAITING FOR YOU! Read more

Would you like to see a wonderful panorama? When you open your eyes and take a deep look on the whole Vilnius. The mountain park MOUNTAIN PARK is waiting for you! Mountain park is conveniently accessible from T. Kosciuskos Street; then climb up the mountain on the stage. In summer, it hosts various concerts and festivals. Mountain park consists of several mountains. The most famous of them - Hill of Three Crosses.

We invite you to treat yourself with a walk through the picturesque Gediminas Avenue. This is the main street of Vilnius, which begins on the bridge of Zverynas and ends with Šventaragio street (Cathedral Square).

A Walk Through UŽUPIS also won't disappoint you. Before independence it was one of the most neglected districts of Vilnius, many homes had no electricity and sanitary facilities. At twentieth century middle at the top of Uzupis built new apartments and artists' workshop blocks. At the bottom of Uzupis is loceted Vilnius Art Academy.

Maybe you like Gothic style? Vilnius Gothic can be found in ST. Anna and the Bernardine church group. It's really late-Gothic corner, closed at Baroque style our most beautiful Symphony Capital.

We recommend you to see the Neoclassical style LITHUANIAN PRESIDENTIAL. This is the nineteenth-century Late Classicism style double-decker palace.

In the center of Vilnius, two well-known streets - Didzioji and Vokieciu - at the intersection, now known as the Town Hall Square, stands nearly 600 years ago built in Vilnius Town Hall. Read more

Are you fascinated by Baroque style? ST. Peter and Paul Church in Vilnius are considered the most famous monument of the Baroque. The Churchs are famous for exceptional interior - it can be seen in about two thousand stucco statues. Inside the church are particularly beautiful, there are many Baroque statues, reliefs and liturgical objects. There are 13 chapels in the church.

The Gates of Down - one of the most important historical, cultural and religious monuments of Vilnius, the secular and the religious tourist attractions, historical and architectural monument. Located on the Gate St. Ausra, the Blessed, Mother of Mercy, the portret stored in the chapel, which is revered as a miracle, is widely known not only in Lithuania but also in Poland and other cultures.

You are interested in ancient history? Then you must visit the Barbacan. This defensive building, city defensive walls outside the gates. Consists of massive, generally cylindrical tower with embrasures, and a closed bridge or passage that connects the tower with a gate. Designed to protect the gate and wall. Was flyers distributed in the Middle Ages.

Love artistic values? If so, you can visit the Cathedral, which has more than six centuries history. In this protected sanctuary of many religious, artistic and historical treasures that are important not only in Vilnius, but also for everyone in Lithuania.

Maybe you are interested in XIV - XVII centuries weaponry and historical models? Then Gediminas Castle is waiting for you! This is the object, since the old days, when he became not only in Vilnius,but in all Lithuania character. The castle is located in Gediminas hill and is highly visible from all over the Old Town.

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